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Darrian Tanner

Darrian Tanner

Darrian Tanner

Darrian Tanner

Darrian Tanner

Darrian Tanner is currently a classroom teacher and Instructional Mentor in Florida. She has entered her 11th year of teaching Secondary Ed English. She has been deemed as the LHS Teacher of the Year for the 2019-2020 school year!!! Born and raised in East St. Louis, IL, Darrian always knew that she had a huge purpose in the education system. After completing her first book (Ebook) Finally Some Answers: 50 Classroom Solutions for the Secondary Ed Teacher, Darrian went on to be awarded the Florida High Impact Educator Award for 3 years!!! After seeing major success in the classroom, Darrian shifted gears and stepped into her huge passion of helping educators understand how the value of classroom structure and appropriate student discipline connects to student learning and engagement.

About The BooK


Understanding the New Culture of Students

The book opens up with several analogies that depict WHY teachers are having so many issues with student behavior and respect in the classroom. She covers everything from the home culture to the culture of our country in how both aspects are critical in being responsible for why some of the youth handles authority in such an insensitive manner. She explains the youth's perspective on several levels.


The Teacher as the Climate

Author Darrian talks about the influence of the most powerful person in the classroom- the teacher. Teachers set the climate and the 'temperature' of the room. Teachers set the structure of the room. Teachers set up the environment which is why they're so crucial. The book talks about the mindset, biases and words of the educator. She also introduces the reader to the 3 Cultural Differences Level philosophy that will very much explain why teachers are facing classroom challenges. Teachers in all areas really can navigate their classroom in such a way that students really can thrive.


Productivity in the Classroom

Aside from everything we can possibly mention as negative results for students misbehaving in the classroom, the biggest problem is that the students aren't learning. There is no productivity, growth or development happening for either party. Incorporating philosophies of some of her 'mentors by book' she calls them (George Washington Carver, Coach John Wooden and Marva Collins to name a few), Darrian gives practical and creative ways for teachers to be able to experience the joys of authentically educating their students. She gives ways to create structure and order and eliminate the student disrespect.

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